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Hearing Aids/Products

CIC completely in canal COMPLETELY-IN-THE-CANAL (CIC)

This small style fits deeply into the ear canal and is very discreet. It has cosmetic benefits and can be fit for a wide range of hearing losses.

ITC in the canal IN-THE-CANAL (ITC)

The in-the-ear styles are custom molded to fit the ear canal. Directional microphones are available in the ITE, which offers benefits in situations where there is background noise.

RIC receiver in canal RECEIVER-IN-THE-CANAL (RIC)

This style of hearing aid has become increasingly popular during the past few years. The small hearing aid fits behind the ear, and a small wire carries the sound to the speaker, which is housed in a small dome that fits in the ear canal. The RIC style leaves the ear canal open, and can eliminate the “plugged” sensation that may exist when wearing other styles.

BTE behind the ear BEHIND-THE-EAR (BTE)

The behind-the-ear style is house in a case which fits behind the ear and is attached to a custom earpiece molded to the shape of the ear. The BTE style is fit for young children, as only the earmold needs to be replaced as the child grows. Typically, BTE’s are the most powerful hearing aid style, and may offer the best benefit for persons with severe to profound hearing loss.

accessories ACCESSORIES

Many hearing aids now have wireless capabilities, meaning signals can be streamed from devices such as phones, TV’s, MP3 players, and computers directly to the hearing aids. A popular accessory is the remote control, which allows the user to adjust the volume, change programs, and control streaming from other devices.